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 Afghanistan Tourist Information Provided By Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism of Afghanistan

Ariana Afghan Airlines takes  great pleasure in forwarding this comprehensive Tourist Information on Afghanistan's Tourist information

All larger cities in Afghanistan generally offer comfortable accommodation. Although conventional categories can not be assigned to most hotels outside of Kabul, where accommodation ranges from the luxury-class Hotel Intercontinental, various second class hotels, to very inexpensive but low standard lodging located throughout the city. 


Most of the modern restaurants in Kabul offer, besides international dishes, a great variety of Afghan specialties, such as pilaws (rice cooked with meat, chicken or vegetables) kabab, bolani, ashak (similar to ravioli but stuffed with leeks and topped with yoghurt and meat sauce) and many others.  Throughout the country, CHAIKHANAS (teahouses) serve traditional Afghan food and tea at very reasonable prices.

International Airlines: Ariana Afghan Airlines is the country's national carrier.  Other international Airlines stopped their flights after civil war.  Ariana Afghan Airlines Serves only major cities within Afghanistan in these days.

Road Transportation:
Afghanistan, a landlocked country, is linked from west to east by the Asia Highway, passing through Islam Qala, Herat, Kandahar, Ghazni, Kabul, Jalalabad and Torkham.  Modern paved roads connect the capital Kabul with the major provincial centers in the north, south and east.
The condition of non paved roads varies greatly according to seasons with spring and early summer being the most difficult time. It is advisable to inquire at the tourist offices before traveling on such roads.
some bus companies operate regular services to the major cities. Most provincial towns are also connected by local transportation lines.

Handicrafts And Shopping
Few countries provide as rich a variety of handicrafts and souvenirs as Afghanistan. Most picturesque bazars are legendary and offer items, such as, Pustinchas (suede leather coats and jackets of lamb fur), Karakul coats and caps, Turkmen hats, Kandahar embroidery, Istalif pottery, rustic glassware of Herat, Kuchi or Nomad Jewelry, Lapis Lazuli and worked Alabaster, hand-woven carpets and rugs, Nuristani woodcarving, silk ware, brass, copper and silver works, and a large variety of antique weapons, ornaments, coins, dishes, etc.

Afghanistan offers a variety of folkloric events for entertainment. Traditional Afghan music and dances (ATAN), animal flights, ten pegging, etc., are enthusiastically enjoyed by a large number of visitors. The most conspicuous event, however, is Buzkashi, a horse game which is second to none in the world.

Visa Regulations

Visitors to Afghanistan require a tourist visa and may be obtained from Afghan Embassy or consulates abroad.  Tourists arriving by land may obtain visas at the Embassies or Consulates in Pakistan (Islamabad or Peshawar).

Custom Regulations
Imports: Tourists may import duty free items for their personal use. However, valuable goods, such as motorcars, cameras, radios, tape, recorders, etc., have to be registered upon arrival.
Export: Tourists may export duty free 30 sqm carpets, 10 skins excluding Karakul, cut and polished precious stones including Lapis Lazuli, handicrafts and a limited variety of antiques. However, all antique items required the export approval of the Kabul museum, obtainable for the convenience of visitors, the Ministry of Finance has published a custom brochure, listing prohibited and controlled exports and imports which may be obtained at the Ministry or at Tourist offices.

Currency Regulations
Visitors are required to declare upon arrival of foreign currencies carried with them. This declaration must be shown when changing such currencies at bank. Upon departure the remaining amounts have to be declared at port of exit.

Health Regulations
Tourists must hold an international health certificate showing a valid smallpox vaccination.

Public Holidays
15 Feb: Anniversary of Swearing in of the First President of Republic of Afghanistan.
21 March: Nawroz or New Year.
27 May: Independence Day.
17/19 July: Jashne Jamhuriat.
31 Aug: Pashtunistan Day.
9 Sep: National Assembly Day.

Coming Soon: Ide Milad, the prophet's Birthday.
Coming Soon: 1st of Ramazan, the month of fasting.
Coming Soon: Eid-ul-fitr, the end of Ramazan.
Coming Soon: Ide Qurban (ADHA the day of sacrifice during the month of pilgrimage (HAJ).

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